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Hatches and Trout Flies for the Toccoa River Tailwater
The Toccoa River is different from many tailwaters in that you can be assured of
several hatches throughout the year that will provide good dry fly fishing.

Blue-winged olive hatches of several different species will be taking place on
cloudy days early in the year even in January. These hatches can occur all the
way into the middle of April. There's also a Fall hatch that starts in October and
last for most of the rest of the year. Little dark brown winter stoneflies also hatch
throughout the Winter.

You have a very good Little Black Caddis
(Brachycentrus) hatch that takes place
in the late Winter. It usually starts in late February and last through March. These
caddisflies hatch almost like a mayfly, meaning midstream on the surface. Dry fly
fishing can be great when they are emerging and later on in the day when the
female deposit their eggs.

Spring brings about several hatches not common to many tailwaters. March
Browns start hatching in mid April and last for about six weeks depending on which
section of the tailwater you're fishing. There are some areas of the Toccoa River
tailwate where Hendricksons hatch in decent quantities. This occurs in late April
and May. Later on in the year, starting as early as late May, Eastern Pale Evening
Duns hatch. These are called Sulfurs by the locals. The true Sulfurs hatch in June
and on into the first of July.

There are also a few LIght Cahills that hatch on the Toccoa River. This takes
place in June. You have several more small hatches of mayflies that should hatch
during the year according to stream samples we took a few years ago.

Spotted Sedges and Cinnamon Sedges are common, mostly Cinnamon Sedge.
Little Sister Caddis cover the water at times. The Spotted Sedges and Cinnamon
Sedges start as early as late May and last almost all Summer. The Little Sisters
start in June and hatch into mid July.

Now that I have said all that, you should be aware that the mighty midge is still a
big producer on this stream. They hatch year-round. Streamers probably produce
the largest trout. Imitations of crayfish and sculpin should work great, the crayfish
for large browns and smallmouth bass.

During July, August, and September, don't forget about terrestrial insects.
Imitations of ants, beetles and grasshoppers all work at times.

Remember "Perfect Fly" has specific imitations of every aquatic and terrestrial
insect that hatches in the Toccoa River tailwater in their various stages of life. If
you haven't already tried them, you certainly should.
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Toccoa River Georgia
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