James Marsh Twentymile Creek
James Marsh fishing Twentymile Creek GSMNP
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Fly Fishing Twentymile Creek North
Twentymile creek is a very good, medium sized, small
stream relative to other trout streams in Great Smoky
Mountains National Park. It's among the best hidden,
little known, yet very accessible streams in the park. If
you take the time to travel there, you will most likely be
in for a good day of fly-fishing. It is a tributary of Cheoah

Your odds are good that the stream will likely not have
anyone else fishing it when you visit Twentymile Creek. It
can be accessed from the Twentymile Trail that follows
along although usually not right along the water. There's
a Ranger Station located right at the entrance to the

Access ranges from easy to tough depending on how far
you want to walk. This is an excellent choice for those
desiring to explore new streams and areas of the park.
Moore Springs Branch is the only sizeable tributary
stream, but it is very small and difficult to fish.  

Fly fishing Twenty Mile Creek is tight. Don't expect to be
able to make fifty foot cast. Most of the stream consist of
fast, pocket water and short, upstream presentations
are all that is needed.

The season is open year-round.
Springtime would be the preferred time to fish
Twentymile Creek. That is when the most insects hatch
and fishing is generally good.
Summertime can be hot in the Smokies and you may
need to travel upstream a short ways to fish. The entire
stream does have a very good canopy of tree limbs
covering it, providing the shade needed to help keep the
water cool.
Autumn is a great time to fish Twentymile Creek.
Trout can be caught on most winter days in the Smokies
provided the stream is fished correctly.

Fly Fishing Guide to Twentymile Creek
Fly fishing Twentymile Creek is a matter of climbing
around in a tightly enclosed small, steeply inclined
mountain stream.
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Type of Stream

Rainbow Trout (Wild)


Great Smoky Mountains National

Nearest Towns
Bryson City, North Carolina
Maryville, Tennessee

Year - round


Special Regulations

Non-Resident License
Either the State of Tennessee or the
State of North Carolina

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Fly Fishing Smoky Mountains
Twentymile Creek
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