James Marsh Fishing Twentymile Creek
James Marsh fishing Twentymile Creek
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Fly Fishing Guide to Twentymile Creek GSMNP North Carolina
Getting around in this stream isn't very easy in most places. Several portions of the stream
is a little on the difficult side to access. In some places you must progress upstream in the
creek because the banks are thickly covered with trees and brush. Rhododendrons line the
banks of the stream in many places. In some places the banks are very steep. Still,
negotiating the stream is possible.

There are several areas where getting from the Twentymile Trail down to the stream is next
to impossible. It runs high above the creek in some areas and the decline is very steep and
rugged. You have to work you way upstream inside the streambed and that isn't easy in
some places.

It seems that ever little run or riffle has some trout. The average size seems normal for the
park but large trout, or trout over nine inches seem very rare. We have only caught a few
that reached or exceeded that length. I don't know if that is just it just a product of the
number we have caught, or is standard for the small creek. What we do know, is that its
seems to have about as many as it could possible have. We have alway been able to catch
large numbers of them. You would think the stream would have some brown trout but we
have yet to catch one in Twentymile Creek. We have also read where it gets some brook
trout in the lower end of the stream that have been stocked in the lake but we haven't seen
any proof of that.

The Ranger Station has always been unoccupied when we have fished there. The area is in
a very remote section away from other public areas. We always wonder about leaving a
vehicle there but we have never had any problems. Maybe the Ranger Station serves some
purpose. As a matter of fact, we have never seen another person anywhere on Twentymile
Creek. We have fished the stream about eight times, usually within the first mile or so. We
have hiked a good ways up the trail and fished a few spots but the best fishing seems to be
in the lower section. I should say, the easiest area to get around in is in the lower part of the
stream. If you want a truly remote stream that receives little pressure, try Twentymile Creek.
It has always been worth our effort to fish there.
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