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Fly Fishing Trail Creek Indiana
Trail Creek is a very good steelhead, salmon and trout
stream located in Michigan City, Indiana, on Lake
Michigan. The stream provides anglers fly fishing
opportunities year-round. With its close proximity to the
big city of Chicago, it isn't exactly a secret destination.

Fly fishing Trail Creek is fairly easy from an access
standpoint. There are six public fishing sites located at
various locations along the stream.

Trail Creek has a great run of Summer steelhead. They
are Skamania Steelehead, which is a hybrid trout and
salmon. In addition, their winter run of steelhead is one
of the Great Lake's best. These fish average from eight
to twelve pounds but get even larger.

Trail Creek also has a good Chinook or King Salmon run
that occurs in the Fall. At the same time you will find a
run of Coho or Silver Salmon taking place. The Chinook
average about 12 pounds but can grow up to as high as
24 pounds. The Coho are smaller, averaging about 5
pounds. Like all salmon, these species die after they

In addition to the anadromous species , Trail Creek is
stocked with rainbow and brown trout. This makes it
possible for an angler to fly fish the stream on a
year-round basis.

The seasons vary per species - check current
This is the best time for brown and rainbow trout
Skamania Steelhead run from the last part of June
through the middle of August
Chinook and Coho Salmon run from the last part of
September through October. Brown trout and rainbow
trout fishing is good
All but the coldest days of Winter can be good for
steelhead. The extremely cold water of January and
February can make the fish sluggish but otherwise,
fishing remains good throughout the Winter. .

Fly Fishing Gear, Tackle, and Flies
Type of Stream

Coho Salmon
Chinook Salmon
Skamania steelhead
Brown Trout
Rainbow Trout

Small to medium

Northeastern Indiana

Nearest Town
Michigan City Indiana
Chicago Illinois

Year-round, species dependant


Special Regulations
Yes, Make sure you check the
current regulations.

Non-Resident License
State of Indiana

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Trail Creek

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12/18/18 Trail Creek Fishing report
Stream levels are normal and in good
shape with good numbers of fish being