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Fly Fishing Guide to the Trask River Oregon

With Fall and Spring runs of chinook salmon, winter steelhead and sea run cutthroat trout, the
Trask River in Oregon provides a variety of angling opportunities.

The run of Spring Chinook first start moving into the Trask River around April and continue
through the month of June. The normally peak from the middle of May to the middle of June.
The Fall runs of Chinook start entering the river in October. This last through November. It
peaks in the middle of October. The Coho salmon start appearing around the first of the month
of September. They hang around until the middle of November. It peaks in the middle of

The Trask River wild winter steelhead run starts in January and ends in March. Its sea-run
cutthroat trout come into the tidewater area in July. They move up through the river through
the month of October. Remember, they are in the river to spawn and during the spawning time,
they don't feed as such. They do become aggressive and will attack flies.

The Trask River is managed as a wild winter steelhead fishery. Anglers do catch hatchery fish
that are headed to the Wilson River. These fish accidentally enter the river from Tillamook Bay.
The Trask River rules allow angling for Coho salmon. Only the hatchery coho that are so
designated by a clipped adipose fin are legal to keep.

The Trask River fish average about as good of a size as most of the other Oregon Coastal
rivers. The Spring run of Chinook salmon average about fifteen pounds. The Fall run of
Chinook salmon can exceed twenty pounds. Coho salmon normally average between five and
fifteen pounds. The Trask River steelhead range between five and fifteen pounds. Most of the
sea-run cutthroats are about twelve to sixteen inches. Resident cutthroats average about the
same size.

There's a public boat take-out on the Trask just above the Highway 101 Trask River Bridge.
There are launches upstream at Hanenkrats and Loren's Drift. They also allow bank access for
fishing. You can also put in at the Highway 101 site and drift downstream.
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Trask River, Oregon
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