Fly Fishing Trout Run Creek
Trout Run Creek Minnesota
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Fly Fishing Trout Run Creek
Trout Run Creek is a lovely little spring fed creek
that begins in the prairie region of Minnesota. It
flows for about twelve miles into the North Branch
of the Root River. Trout Run has plenty of cover,
deep pools and undercut banks for its population of
brown trout. It is reputed to have a brown
trout population ranging from 2,000 to 4,000 trout
per mile. It flows through hardwood trees, open
meadows and pastures.  

Trout Run Creek is a part of one of the many
watersheds in what is referred to as the Blufflands
Watersheds. It is a part of an region called the
Driftless Area which takes in four states and over
600 spring creeks.

The best fishing is between the little town of
Saratoga downstream to Bucksnort Dam and for
about a mile and a half below it. There have been a
lot of stream improvements that have taken place
during the last few years in this section of the creek.
This has made a big difference is the fishery.
Type of Stream

Brown Trout
Brook Trout
(Wild and Stocked Trout)


Southeast Minnesota

Nearest Towns
Saint Charles

April 18 through Sept. 14

Special Regulations
A one mile section opens Jan. 1,
catch and release, barbless hooks


Non-Resident License
State of Minnesota

National Weather Service Link

Fly Fishing Tackle, Gear and
Trout Flies
Trout Run Creek,
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There is a general season and catch and
release seasons in certain areas.
Springtime is usually very good provided
the water levels are not extremely high.
Hatch start in late Spring.
In many parts of the river, especially near
the springs, the fishing can be excellent all
summer long.
Trout Run Creek Fly Fishing Guide:
The methods and techniques you should employ for
fly fishing Trout Run Creek vary with the different
seasons and the time of day. Trout Run Creek
differs from many other eastern and western spring
creeks in that its flows are not always smooth and

Some areas of the creek have shallow riffles and
even a few runs. Wherever you can find the faster
moving water with a broken surface, you will find it
much easier to catch trout. That is simply because
the trout do not get as good of a look at your fly as
they do in the smooth flowing water.

Like on any other spring creek, the ideal situation is
to find a feeding trout, especially one that is taking
flies from the surface of the water. Fishing for an
individual trout that is feeding on emerging insects is
easier than those you cannot see.

Blind casting works well at times, especially if you
are fishing heavy cover for the brown trout or the
runs and riffles.

The water can be very deceptive. It is clearer than
the bottom makes it look in certain areas. The trout
can see your fly and you, for that matter, better than
you may think they can. When you are fishing the
faster sections of water, it is usually best to proceed
in any upstream direction.
I normally do even when searching for
feeding trout in the smoother sections of
water. However, often when you find a trout
eating on top, you have to use a
downstream presentation to hook it. This
allows the fish to see the fly first before the
leader, provided you do it correctly.

Long, light leaders are normal here, even
though the water may be moving at a good
rate of speed. The lighter it is, the more
action you will get. Keep in mind that it's also
a requirement for fishing the large Trico
hatches that occur in the summer as well as
midge imitations you can catch trout on all
year long.
Another tip or point to remember is that
heavy rains can dingy the water in some
areas of the stream. This will give you a
little cover so the trout cannot see you as
easily. They also don't get a great look at
your fly. This is a great time to try a
streamer for the browns. They will \work
on the rainbows too, but are very good
flies to use during the brown trout
pre-spawn time as well as fishing heavy
cover such as fallen tree tops, logs,
undercut banks, etc.
Trout Run Creek Hatches and Trout
Our information on aquatic insects is
based on our stream samples of larvae
and nymphs, not guess work. We base fly
suggestions on imitating the most plentiful
and most available insects and other foods
at the particular time you are fishing.
Unlike the generic fly shop trout flies, we
have specific imitations of all the insects in
Trout Run Creek and in all stages of life
that are applicable to fishing. If you want to
fish better, more realistic trout flies, have a
much higher degree of success, give us a
call.  We not only will help you with
selections, you will learn why, after trying
Perfect Flies, 92% of the thousands of our
customers will use nothing else.

Trout Run Creek provides a good number
of aquatic insect hatches that can provide
some excellent dry fly fishing at times.

Blue-winged Olives, including
species, are the most common mayflies.
They hatch from about the first of March all
the way through the month of September.
Some of them are bi-brooded and hatch
twice a year. Generally, the hatches are
heavier in April and May and then again in
late August and September.

Blue quills hatch in the moderate to fast
water areas of the streams from about the
middle of April through the month of May.
Hendrickson mayflies hatch from about the
first week of April until the end of May.

Sulphurs hatch from about the last week of
May through the first two weeks of July.
March Browns hatch in the fast water
sections of Trout Run Creek from about
the middle of May through the middle of
June. Light Cahill are also present in the
faster sections of water from about the
middle of June into the first week or two of

Slate Drakes hatch from about the middle
of July on into September. There are also
hatches of Tricos. They occur from about
the middle of June until the last part of
Hatches, continued:
Little Black Caddisflies, Brachycentrus
species, start hatching as early as the
middle of April. This hatch last until the
middle of May.Cinnamon Caddisflies exist
in Trout Run Creek in plentiful quantities.
They start hatching about the middle of
May and can last until the end of
September. Little Green Caddis are
present in most of the fast water areas of
the stream. The Rock Worm, or imitations
of their larva stage of life will catch trout
year-round. There are also species of
Spotted Sedges present. They hatch from
about the first of June through August.

Imitations of adult craneflies and thier
larva can be effective from June through
September.  Terrestrial insects are
present in large quantities on many areas
of the river. Imitations of grasshoppers,
ants and beetles will catch trout from
about the first of June through the month
of September. These are best fished
along the high grass banks and beneath
the many overhanging willow trees.

Streamers are very important flies,
especially for the larger brown trout.
Imitations of sculpin, baitfish, minnows,
and leeches. They work especially good
during the pre-spawn period of the brown
trout when they become aggressive.

Scuds and sowbugs are also present in
good quantities in this stream. Imitations of
them will work anytime during the season.

We have "Perfect Flies" that imitate every
aquatic and terrestrial insect that exist on
Trout Run Creek. If you haven't already
done so, we invite you to give them an
opportunity to work for you. The are very
realistic flies that are also very durable
and effective.

The Fall months are considered by many
to be the best months of the year to fish
Trout Run Creek
The catch and release section can be
fished during the winter months and the
fishing can be quite good. Anglers fish the
river with deep snow along its banks. It
doesn't freeze over in most areas.
Trout Run Creek Fly Fishing Report:
04/08/14 Fishing report is coming prior to
the opening of the season. Please check
back with us then. There is a small catch
and release section open but no reports
from anyone fishing.
Fly fishng Trout Run Creek
Fishing Trout Run Creek
Trout Run Creek Minnesota
Fly fishing Trout Run Creek
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Fishing Report Updated 10/18/18
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Options For Selecting Flies:
1. Email us (
with the dates you will be fishing this
stream and we will send you a list of our
fly suggestions. Please allow up to 24
hours for a response.

2. Call us 800-594-4726 and we will help
you decide which flies you need.

3. Email us (
with a budget for flies and we will select
them to match the budget and get them to
you in time for your fly fishing trip.

All orders are shipped free in the
U. S. Orders over $100 are shipped via
Priority Mail.  
04/15/14 Season opening in three more
days. Stream levels will be high with more
rain/snow forecast. Streamers, especially
our Perfect Fly sculpin patterns, should be
a good option for the first few days of the
season for larger trout. Midges will work
when the water drops some.
04/22/14 The regular trout fishing
season is now open. The weather is  
going to be much warmer this coming
week and conditions should soon
improve. Look for BWOs to be among
the first hatches.
04/29/14 The stream will range from
blown out to high for the next week.
Rain is forecast everyday.
05/06/14 Much warmer weather is in the
forecast along with some rain. Conditions
should rapidly improve.
05/13/14 We didn't receive any reports
from anyone fishing this past week.
Stream levels are high and that's
probably why.
05/20/14 The weather forecast is great for
this next week with warmer weather and
little rain. Stream levels are back down
near normal.
05/27/14 Stream levels are near normal
and the water is warming fast. Expect
several hatches to start this week
including Blue Quills, BWOs, Quill
Gordons,Little Black Caddis and others.
07/08/14 Sorry for the lack of reports.
Three customers reporting some good
fishing this past ttwo weeks except for
when the stream levels were high. Several
hatches are taking place including Light
Cahills, sulphurs, cinnamon caddis, little
yellow stoneflies and others.
07/22/14 Three customers reporting good
fishing conditions and catching plenty of
trout. Lots of hatches taking place.
07/29/14 Watch the stream levels. They
are a little high and rain is in the
forecast. No reports from the past week.
08/12/14 Two good reports from
customers ordering more flies came in
this past week. Sulphurs and terrestrials
are the main insects to imitate.
09/02/14 High water levels have caused
some problems with the "catching". No
reports from the past week but conditions
should improve this week.
09/16/14 Stream levels have been high
much of the time during the past week
but one angler reporting catching several
trout using our Matuka Sculpin flies.
09/23/14 No reports from last week but
stream levels are falling and should get
into good shape very soon.
10/14/14 The stream will be high for two or
three more days, then conditions should be
great. Our
Brown Sculpin should work great.
10/21/14 Stream levels have been high but
should be getting back into good shape. No
reports from last week.
10/28/14 Forgot to report that The fall
catch-and-release season will be from
Tuesday, Sept. 15 through Thursday, Oct.
15. The catch-and-release season in
area state parks runs the
whole year, aside from the harvest season,
which runs from Saturday, April 18 through
Monday, Sept. 14.
12/16/14 Two fairly good reports from
customers this past two weeks. It was very
cold the prior couple of weeks. You can
catch trout, so let us hear from you.
01/05/15 Catch and release section
opened for fishing on January 1st.
01/26/15 No reports from the past two
week. Very cold weather.
02/16/15 No reports and more cold weather
03/23/15 Along with the warmer weather
came more precipitation. Still no reports
from anyone fishing. Conditions should
greatly improve this coming week.
04/20/15 The general season opened to
fairly good weather and stream conditions.
Let us hear from you.
04/27/15 Two good reports from customers.
BWO nymphs but watch for Quill Gordons
and Blue Quills to hatch anytime now.
05/04/15 BWOs, Blue Quills and Little Black
Caddis are hatching. Two good reports
from last week.
05/18/15 Great conditions and some good
reports from customers catching trout. BWOs
and Little Black Caddis hatching good.
05/25/15 No reports from anyone fishing but
conditions have been very good. There rain
forecast most days this coming week.
06/08/15 Plenty of trout are being caught
when stream levels have been good. Still
high right now but streamers are working.
06/15/15 Scuds, sowbugs working good.
Cinnamon Caddis hatching. Sulphurs will
start very soon.  
06/29/15 High water has been a problem at
times but otherwise, great conditions with lots
of trout being caught. Lots of hatches.
07/06/15 Reports are the creek is at a
normal level and clear. Two good
reports of catches on Sulphurs..
07/13/15 Good stream levels now, but
watch them. Lots of rain is in the forecast.
07/20/15 Stream levels were up but falling
fast & back near normal. No reports from
anglers fishing.
08/17/15 Sorry for the lack of reports but it
wasn't because the fishing hasn't been good.
Conditions have been excellent recently and
lots of trout have been caught. Sulphurs and
Tricos are hatching and terrestrials are also
08/31/15 Stream levels have been high but
back down to where it can be fished.
Mahogany Duns are starting to hatch.
09/07/15 More high water but falling. It will
be great when the levels subside.
09/14/15 The regular trout season closed
10/12/15 Two good reports from this past
week. Cooler weather and Blue-winged olive
hatches has them turned on. State Park is
open year-round.
10/26/15 Conditions are good right now.
We did not receive any reports. Remember
the State Park is the only open section.
Blue-winged Olives are hatching.
11/16/15 No reports from anyone fishing
the State Park but conditions have been
fairly good. Water levels may be a problem
this coming week. There is lots of snow and
rain in the forecast.
01/01/16 Section is open to catch and release
with barbless hooks only. It is legal to squeeze
the barbs down on the hooks.
01/25/16 No reports from anyone fishing but the
stream is back near normal levels. The water
temperature is 36 to 37 degrees, so fish holes
in the bottom that is out of the current. Trout
won't hold in current at that temperature.
03/07/16 The weather is getting a little warmer
and it should give you better opportunity to hook
some trout in the C and R section. Midges,
blood or red, and creams, size 22, and Winter
stonefly nymphs are the flies you need to use.
Remember to mash the barbs down.
03/14/16 The warm weather is holding up but it
has melted a lot of snow and kelp the water
temperature down. The stain is about gone and
you should see a big improvement this week.
03/28/16 Send us an email and let us help you
plan that next fly fishing trip to Trout Run Creek.
04/11/16 Less than a week to go until the regular
season opens. That is just enough time to get
you set up with the right flies.
04/25/16 The season is open and off to a good
start. Two good reports this past week. There is
some rain and likely higher stream levels, but
otherwise, good. Little Black Caddis, Blue Quills
and Blue-winged olives are hatching.
05/09/16 Stream levels are a little high and the
water stained some but that doesn't hurt. The
water is getting warmer and lots of hatches are
taking place. Send us an email for a list of flies.
05/16/16 The stream levels are falling and near
normal. The water is mostly clear and Blue
Winged olives, Blue Quills, American March
Browns, Little Black Caddis, Green sedges,
scuds, Sculpin streamers are working good.
05/30/16 The stream levels are still a little high.
You can still fish much of the stream from the
bank. Streamers and BWO nymphs on strike
indicators should work. After today's rain, the
levels should begin to drop.
06/06/16 Conditions are better and the stream
dropping down fast. Lots of hatches are taking
place and we are getting some good reports.
06/20/16 The water levels are a little high.
Trout are being caught from the banks. Lots of
hatches are taking place. Sculpin streamers
are working good for the larger size browns.
07/04/16 Cinnamon caddis, BWOs, Light
Cahills, Green Sedges, A. March Brns, and
Sulphurs are hatching. Scuds and Sculpin
streamers should work good. .
07/18/16 Terrestrials are starting to work good
along with the Cinnamon caddis. We received
some very good reports.
08/01/16 The stream is a little high but falling.
Fish the middle and upper sections. Lots of
insects are hatching and trout being caught.
08/15/16 There's still some Sulphurs hatching,
along with Tricos, BWOs, and Cinnamon
caddis. Terrestrials (ants, beetles and
hoppers) are working good.
08/29/16 Stream levels are high but falling
out fast. You can fish from the banks thanks
to the narrow width. Lots of insects are
hatching and hoppers are also working good.
12/05/16 Just a reminder that although the
season is closed, you can always email us to
help you plan your next fly fishing trip. Opens
again for catch and release on Jan. 1st.
01/02/17 The mile long section opened
yesterday for "catch and release", barbless
hooks. Yes, you can mash the barbs down.
02/20/17 No reports from anyone but I hope
some of you will get to fish before this warm
streak ends this weekend.
03/13/17 Conditions aren't that bad. Midges,
Creams and Reds, are hatching. Sculpin
streamers are working good.
03/28/17 The stream is in pretty good shape
but we didn't receive any reports from the past
week. Let us hear from you.
04/17/17 The stream levels have been high
some but falling and clearing, More rain is on
the way  Blue quills, Blue-winged olives (larger
ones) and little Black caddis will start hatching
anytime now.
05/01/17 The stream levels are high again
but with a lot of hatches taking place. Fish
from the banks until the water levels drop.
05/22/17 The stream levels are still too high
to wade. Fishing is possible in many places
from the banks. Lost of insects are hatching
and we received a couple of good reports.
06/06/17The stream levels are still high but
you can fish form the banks in most places.
There are lots of trout being caught.
06/26/17 The stream is still high and stained
but often, the stain helps catch the browsn
with streamers. There are lots of hatches
going on.
07/10/17 Stream levels are down near normal
and mostly clear. There are lots of hatches
taking place and terrestrials are also working.
Sulphurs, light cahills, green sedge, cinnamon
caddis, and more insects are hatchingl.
07/24/17 Excellent conditions exist with good
numbers of trout being caught by our
customers. Good hatches and terrestrials work.
07/31/17 The stream is staying  a little high
but we are still getting a lot of good reports
from customers fishing.
08/14/17 Good conditions and customers
reporting some good catches. Send us an
email for hatches and flies you need.
09/04/17 The stream ls at a normal level,or
low and clear, with some hatches - Cream
Cahills, Slate Drakes, Mahogany duns,
Cinnamon caddis, Green sedges and little
Yellow Stoneflies.
09/18/17 Regular season ended the 14th.
Catch and release season is underway. The
stream levels are currently a little high but
10/02/17 Stream levels are high, too high to
wade safely most places. Catch and release
open in the State Park. Mahogany duns and
BWOs are hatching good. Watch the levels.
10/31/17 The State Park produced for one
of our customers this past week. Midges,
Creams and Reds, and BWOs are hatching.
Sculpin streamers are working.
12/13/17 A reminder the season opens again
on January 1st catch and release. Send us
an email for a fly list.
04/19/18 The regular fishing season is now
open. Stream levels are currently a little high.
Let us hear your reports.
05/24/18 The stream levels are high. The
water is getting warmer fast and more hatches
will take place soon. There are some good
ones going on now. Send us an email for a list.
06/06/18 Good hatches of Blue-winged olives,
Cinnamon caddis, Green sedges and other
insects are taking place.
06/28/18 The stream levels are a little high
but falling and should be in good shape very
07/19/18 The river has been in good shape
but recent rain has it high right now. It will fall
out fast. There are lots of good hatches and
trout being caught.
08/02/18 The stream is a little above normal
but turning out good numbers of trout. There
are some very good hatches taking place.
08/16/18 Great hatches are taking place and
lots of trout are being caught. Stream levels
are a little high. Now is the time to be fishing
09/06/18 Stream levels are very high, too
high to wade. There is no more rain in the
forecast and it should fall back out fast.
09/20/18 The river is high but falling. There
were lots of trout are being caught with lower
levels and should be again. Shoot us an  
email for a fly list.
09/30/18 The creek is still high but can be
fished in many places from the bank.
Streamers like our Sculpin patterns should
work good.
10/17/18 Stream is currently high. Catch and
Release is open in the State park.
12/07/18 The regular season ended the
14th. the catch and release season is