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Fly Fishing Guide to Trout Run Creek, Minnesota
Trout Run Creek differs from many other eastern and western spring creeks in that its flows
are not always smooth and flat. Some areas of the creek have shallow riffles and even a few
runs. Wherever you can find the faster moving water with a broken surface, you will find it
much easier to catch trout. That is simply because the trout do not get as good of a look at
your fly as they do in the smooth flowing water.

Like on any other spring creek, the ideal situation is to find a feeding trout, especially one that
is taking flies from the surface of the water. Fishing for an individual trout that is feeding on
emerging insects is easier than those you cannot see. Blind casting works well at times,
especially if you are fishing heavy cover for the brown trout or the runs and riffles.

The water can be very deceptive. It is clearer than the bottom makes it look in certain areas.
The trout can see your fly and you, for that matter, better than you may think they can. When
you are fishing the faster sections of water, it is usually best to proceed in any upstream
direction. I normally do even when searching for feeding trout in the smoother sections of
water. However, often when you find a trout eating on top, you have to use a downstream
presentation to hook it. This allows the fish to see the fly first before the leader, provided you
do it correctly.

Long, light leaders are normal here, even though the water may be moving at a good rate of
speed. The lighter it is, the more action you will get. Keep in mind that it's also a requirement
for fishing the large Trico hatches that occur in the summer as well as midge imitations you can
catch trout on all year long.

Another tip or point to remember is that heavy rains can dingy the water in some areas of the
stream. This will give you a little cover so the trout cannot see you as easily. They also don't
get a great look at your fly. This is a great time to try a streamer for the browns. They will \work
on the rainbows too, but are very good flies to use during the brown trout pre-spawn time as
well as fishing heavy cover such as fallen tree tops, logs, undercut banks, etc.
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