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Hatches and Trout Flies for Trout Run Creek in Minnesota
Trout Run Creek provides a good number of aquatic insect hatches that can provide some
excellent dry fly fishing at times.

Blue-winged Olives, including
baetis species, are the most common mayflies. They hatch from
about the first of March all the way through the month of September. Some of them are
bi-brooded and hatch twice a year. Generally, the hatches are heavier in April and May and
then again in late August and September.

Blue quills hatch in the moderate to fast water areas of the streams from about the middle of
April through the month of May. Hendrickson mayflies hatch from about the first week of April
until the end of May.

Sulphurs hatch from about the last week of May through the first two weeks of July. March
Browns hatch in the fast water sections of Trout Run Creek from about the middle of May
through the middle of June. Light Cahill are also present in the faster sections of water from
about the middle of June into the first week or two of July.

Slate Drakes hatch from about the middle of July on into September. There are also hatches of
Tricos. They occur from about the middle of June until the last part of September.

Little Black Caddisflies,
Brachycentrus species, start hatching as early as the middle of April.
This hatch last until the middle of May.

Cinnamon Caddisflies exist in Trout Run Creek in plentiful quantities. They start hatching about
the middle of May and can last until the end of September. Little Green Caddis are present in
most of the fast water areas of the stream. The Rock Worm, or imitations of their larva stage of
life will catch trout year-round. There are also species of Spotted Sedges present. They hatch
from about the first of June through August.

Imitations of adult craneflies and thier larva can be effective from June through September.  
Terrestrial insects are present in large quantities on many areas of the river. Imitations of
grasshoppers, ants and beetles will catch trout from about the first of June through the month
of September. These are best fished along the high grass banks and beneath the many
overhanging willow trees.

Streamers are very important flies, especially for the larger brown trout. Imitations of sculpin,
baitfish, minnows, and leeches. They work especially good during the pre-spawn period of the
brown trout when they become aggressive.

Scuds and sowbugs are also present in good quantities in this stream. Imitations of them will
work anytime during the season.

We have "Perfect Flies" that imitate every aquatic and terrestrial insect that exist on Trout Run
Creek. If you haven't already done so, we invite you to give them an opportunity to work for
you. The are very realistic flies that are also very durable and effective.
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