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Hatches and Trout Flies for the Tuckasegee River, North Carolina
We have used a kick net and some other types of insect nets on this stream to try to
determine the available insects and hatches that occur. It has a lot of insect life in it. Most of
them are caddisflies but it also has a good population of blue-winged olive mayflies. We
have even found one species that we haven't been able to identify.

The Blue-winged Olives usually hatch starting in February. They seem to last through the
month of April. There are several species of them that fall under this category.

Most of the hatches are different species of Cinnamon caddisflies. These are net spinners
which means that imitations of the larvae, pupae and adult stages of life will work. These
hatches take place from May throughout the summer until November. They are not constant,
but most of the time there will be one of the various species of them hatching or depositing
their eggs, usually both.

October and November usually brings about some huge Little Sister Caddisfly hatches.
These start in June and July and seem to drop off and pick back up again in October. There
are several species of them.

In addition, you will find some species of Green Sedges. The larvae of these caddisflies will
work great anytime during the season. There are several other species of small caddisflies,
but none as important as the Cinnamon Sedges, Little Sisters and Green Sedges.

We have also noticed a lot of craneflies on the water. I am certain the trout dine on them at
times. If you fish the river during the winter and early spring, I am certain midges would be a
key insect to imitate. The bottom samples we observed were full of midge larvae. There were
a good number of hellgrammites there also.

This river has a good population of sculpin, baitfish and minnows. Streamers work most
anytime. Crayfish are also present in the stream.

From about the middle of June through September and into the first of October, terrestrial
insects should be an important source of food for the trout in the Tuckasegee River.
Imitations of ants, beetles and grasshoppers should work. There isn't a lot of vegetation
along the banks and the river is very wide but there should be plenty of the terrestrials that
get in the water along the banks.

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