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Fly Fishing Guide for Tulpehocken Creek Pennsylvania
Although the Tulpehocken is a tailwater, its source of water comes from Tulpehocken Creek
above the lake which is a limestone spring creek. The water has a good pH level coming into
the lake and the water stays quite fertile below Blue Marsh Dam. It provides a good habitat for
aquatic insects. The stream does get a lot of fishing pressure and the trout can get fairly
picky but they are still plenty catchable. The special regulations water helps the stream
maintain a good healthy population of trout.

The Special Regulation water starts just below the dam and runs almost four miles down to
the covered bridge. Considering the flows are stable from the dam, this area acts more like a
freestone stream or spring creek than a tailwater. It has a variety of water types including
some large pools, runs and riffles. The Tulpehocken is fairly easy to wade so you can get
around in the stream pretty good. It does have some deep holes and runs, so you still have
to be careful.

The fish are considered to be very selective and picky. Local anglers claim it is due to the
constant pressure. I feel certain those trout that have been stocked for a long time and the
holdover trout become very picky. I doubt the newly stocked hatchery trout are picky at all. At
one time they stocked only fingerling. At the current time, they are stocking larger trout so
that makes a big difference in the way the trout react. I recommend anglers fish for the
holdover trout matching the most available source of food. You will end up catching just as
many stockers as you would fishing just any generic nymph or dry fly. If nothing is hatching,
you wouldn't go wrong fishing midge larvae or pupae imitations or caddisfly larva imitations.
Tulpehocken Creek
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