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Fly Fishing Two Hearted River Michigan
The Two-Hearted River flows for over a hundred miles
into Lake Superior. The main part of the river almost
parallels the shoreline of Lake Superior. It has four
major branches that form the main stream. The West
and South form the main river about 32 miles above the
lake and the North Branch enters not far downstream to
increase the flow considerably. The East Branch joins
the river about three miles below the Reed and Green
Bridge which is located about ten miles upstream from
the lake. The River flows through the Lake Superior
State Forest and is considered one of the finest trout
streams in the state.

This river system was made famous by the Ernest
Hemingway "Nick Adams Stories" because it has the
same name. If flow mostly though lowland forest land in
the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Par of the river is
difficult to access other than by boat because it flows
through a marshland type of area. Other sections has
rapids and runs and riffles with a rocky bottom. The
water in part of the Two Hearted River is very clear if
you put it in a glass but it has a tannic acid or a tea
color. A short distance below the High Bridge the water
slows down and the bottom changes from rock to sand
and small cobble. There is some structure in the river
along with undercut banks. Dawson Creek, a smaller
size tributary, enters the river in this area. The area
below the Reed and Green Bridge is considered the
lower section of the Two Heated River. It is mostly fished
from a boat.

Most of the river can be fly-fished. You can access the
river by canoe from the High Bridge on County road
#407 to the mouth of the river. Country Road #418
crosses the North Branch. It runs parallel with the river
up to the confluence of the South and West Branches.

The East Branch contains plenty of brook trout and can
also be waded. It can be accessed from County Road
#435 and #410. Fly fishing the Two Heated River can be
good in the lower section during the trout closed
season. The river is open to fishing all year below the
Reed and Green Bridge.

Be sure and check for any special regulations with the
DNR. Regulations are subject to change.
Springtime is a good time for fly fishing the Two Hearted
River because of the plentiful aquatic insect hatches.
March and April is arrival time for steelhead. It peaks in
early May.
The action may slow down some during the Summer but
the water stays cool and trout can be caught.
Early Fall is a good time to fish the Fox River for trout
and steelhead. September and October bring runs of
Coho and Pink Salmon. There is a good fall steelhead
run that peaks in November.

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Type of Stream
Spring Fed Freestone River

Brook Trout (Wild and Stocked)
Rainbow Trout (Stocked)
Coho Salmon
Pink Salmon

Small to Medium

Upper Peninsula

Nearest Town

Last Saturday of April through
September 30. Open all year below
the Reed and Green Bridge

Good in some areas but hiking or a
canoe required in the upper parts

Non-Resident License
State of Michigan

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