Upper Toccoa River Brown Trout
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Fly Fishing Toccoa River Georgia
The Toccoa River has many miles of fly fishing
opportunities above Blue Ridge Lake.
Click here for the
lower (tailwater) section of the Toccoa River.
This website page includes fly fishing the Upper Toccoa
River. The river's headwaters are in the Chattahoochee
National Forest but about ten miles of the uppermost
part of the river is not available to the public. Below the
private property the river flows through a mixture of
national forest land and private property.

The trout are mostly stocked rainbows. The stream and
some of its tributaries, mostly Coopers and Rock
Creeks, are stocked by the state of Georgia. There's
some natural reproduction but it's very limited. The
natural production takes place mostly in the small
tributary streams.

The first major section of the Toccoa River open to the
public is in the Deep Hole Recreation Area. The stream
is generally much larger than most Georgia streams
this close to their headwaters. It's already a good size
stream at the Deep Hole Recreational Area. The 14 mile
stretch of river downstream from the Deep Hole
Recreational Area is called the Toccoa River Canoe
Trail. Although the area is popular with canoeist, anglers
can fish the waters nearby that's not on private
property from the bank or by wading as well as by boat.

By hiking away from the popular areas a short distance
you can find plenty of water to fish. There are also
points the river can be accessed from bridges. Although
the stream is easy to wade in this area, most anglers
prefer to fish it from a boat. It's a big stream, width wise -
not the typical small stream most anglers prefer to wade.
The Toccoa River Canoe Trail provides several
developed access points. The trail and upper section
drift boat trips ends at the Sandy Bottoms access area.
Sandy Bottoms provides a ramp.

The next popular section to float is from the Sandy
Bottoms area downstream to Blue Ridge Lake. You will
find it consist of a variety of different types of water
ranging from narrow, fast water sections to wide, long
pools of slower moving water. This section ends above
an area of rapids near the lake. Smallmouth bass enter
the species picture the closer you get to the lake. The
last point to take your boat out is called Noontootia Boil
which is on the Aska Road.

The popularity of the Upper Toccoa River is rapidly
growing due to its relatively, newly established "delayed
harvest" section of water. The DH Season runs from
November 1 through May 14. There's a mile and a half
section that falls under these regulations. This section is
stocked heavily during the colder months of the year
with larger size rainbow trout. There are also some nice
size holdover brown trout in the stream.  

Cooper Creek is the uppermost sizeable tributary of the
Upper Toccoa River. It's a heavily stocked trout stream.
In fact, it's considered the heaviest fished trout stream
in Georgia mostly because it flows through the Mulky
and Cooper Creek Forest Service campgrounds. The
entire upper part of the stream is located within the
boundaries of the Cooper Creek Wildlife Management
area. The first four miles of the creek from the Toccoa
River upstream are on private property. It does have
some wild trout mostly found in its headwaters upstream
of the campgrounds area in the Cooper Creek Scenic
area. Hiking is required to reach this section and it cuts
down on the fishing pressure almost a hundred percent.
There are some wild rainbows and holdover and wild
brown trout in this section of Cooper Creek.

Rock Creek flows into the Toccoa River downstream of
the Deep Hole Campground from the Blue Ridge Wildlife
Management Area. The Chattahoochee River Fish
Hatchery is located about the middle of the creek. The
fish hatchery, along with the Forest Service Frank Gross
Campground located on its banks, insures there isn't
any shortage of stocked trout. The stream is medium
size from Rock Creek Lake (also stocked) downstream
and contains some wild trout along with the stocked
brown and rainbow trout. Above the lake, the stream is
small but does contain both wild and stocked rainbow
trout.  Unless you want to venture into the streams
upper section just for adventure, we don't recommend
either Cooper or Rock Creek for the avid fly angler. The
Toccoa River is a much better choice.

Noontootla Creek is the last major tributary to enter the
Upper Toccoa River. It's considered by many anglers to
be the best freestone trout stream in the state of
Georgia. It begins in the Blue Ridge Wildlife
Management Area near Frying Pan Gap. It's managed
as a "catch-and-release" stream.

You can fish the stream anytime of the year.
Spring is the best time of year to fish the river because
of the hatches.
The best fishing is confined to the uppermost sections
Autumn is a great time to fish. The fall foliage along the
stream is beautiful. Brown trout spawn in the fall.
Warm days can provide decent trout fishing.
Type of Stream

Brown Trout
Rainbow Trout

Small to Medium

North Central Georgia

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State of Georgia

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Upper Toccoa River Fishing Report:
05/02/14 The Upper Toccoa River is
flowing just a little high right now, but
should be in good shape this weekend.
05/09/14 Streams levels are back near
normal but there is rain in the forecast
every day for the next week, otherwise
conditions are good.
Fishing Report Updated 03/27/15
(Bottom Of Page)
05/16/14 Stream levels have been high but
falling and should be back down to normal
levels soon. There's plenty of insects
hatching. Email us for a list of current
05/23/14 Stream levels are in good
condition ad the weather will be much
warmer this coming week.
05/30/14 Several hatches are underway
and anglers are catching plenty of trout.
Conditions are very good. Customers
ordering Light Cahills, Eastern Pale Evening
Duns, American March Browns, Cinnamon
Caddis and other flies that are working well.
06/05/14 Watch the river levels. Right now
they are low, but isolated thunderstorms can
change that in a flash. We had two very
good reports this past week.
06/13/14 We have received three good
reports. Two were from customers who
previously purchase flies and one from a
new customer. Several hatches are taking
place and the water levels are a little low but
in good shape.
06/20/14 More good fishing reports for the
Upper Toccoa River came in this past week.
Light Cahills and Little Yellow Stoneflies are
the main hatches taking place.
07/04/14 Three good reports from customers
this past week. Fishing is as good as it gets,
according to one angler. Sulphurs and Light
Cahills along with Little Yellow Stoneflies.
07/18/14 We have received several good
reports from customers this past two weeks.
Water levels have been a little low but
otherwise, the opportunities have been good.
07/25/14 Two customers reporting catching
some nice trout this past week. Stay hidden
and fish early and late and you should do
well. Slate Drakes should start hatching soon.
08/01/14 Cooler temperatures and better
water levels have helped the fishing
opportunity in the Upper Toccoa River.
Anglers are reporting catching some nice fish.
08/15/14 Two good reports came in this past
week from customers. Some nice browns
have been caught. Stream conditions are in
good shape.
08/29/14 Several more good fishing reports
have come in during the past two weeks.
There are plenty of caddis, a few small BWOs,
Slate Drakes and other insects hatching.
Terrestrials are also working.
09/12/14 Two more good reports came in
during the past week. Stream levels are in
good shape and cooler weather is helping.
09/26/14 Blue-winged olives, Great Autumn
Brown Sedges and Needle stoneflies will
begin to hatch soon, if not already.
10/10/14 Customers reporting some very
nice catches. There is lots of rain in the
forecast, so keep and eye on the stream
levels but for now they are in good shape.
10/17/14 One good report from a customer
catching some nice browns on our
10/24/14 Another good report from a
customer catching several trout on our
Blue-winged Olive nymphs and duns.
10/31/14 Two more good reports of mostly
browns being caught.
11/07/14 Conditions are excellent right
now but watch the stream levels. There is
rain forecast for the next several days.
Briown Sculpins (liked above) are working
12/12/14 Sorry for the late report. We have
three reports from the past 3 weeks and all
were good. Lots of larger browns being caught
on our sculpin patterns. It will be warmer this
week, so let us hear from you.
12/19/14 No reports from the past week but
conditions are very good for this time of the year.
12/26/14 Water levels have been up but are
back down near normal levels.
01/02/15 One report from the past week for a
customer catching some rainbows on midges,
cream larva and pupa in tandem.
01/09/14 No reports from the past week. It has
been very cold.
01/16/15 Still no reports but conditions are
much better now with warmer weather and
good stream levels.
01/23/15 One report from a customer using
our Matuka sculpin. He reported catching
several nice size trout yesterday.
01/30/15 It has been pretty cold for the past
few days and we didn't receive any reports
from anyone fishing. Conditions will remain
about the same for the coming week except
maybe a little warmer.
02/13/15 Two customers reported catching
trout about a week ago before the last cold
spell. They were using our BWO nymphs, size
20 and
Brown Sculpin Streamers.
02/20/15 We didn't receive any reports this
past week. The water is very cold right now.
02/27/15 Still no reports due to very cold
weather and snow. This coming week should
be much better.
03/06/15 It is cold today but will be warming
us fast and so will the water. Look for some
new hatches of aquatic insects.
03/26/15 Sorry we missed last week. Blue
Quills, Quill gordons, Little black caddis and
BWOs are hatching.