Valley Creek Brown Trout
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Fly Fishing Valley Creek Pennsylvania
Valley Creek is a great little spring creek trout stream. It
seems almost impossible that such a good trout stream
could be located so close to the big city of Philadelphia.
It's spring, limestone water remains cool throughout the
year. This stream isn't stocked. Large, stream-born,wild
brown trout are plentiful. Trout up to twenty inches and
larger are common. Fly fishing Valley Creek is a
wonderful experience and a pure pleasure.

Valley Creek begins in East Whiteland and flows into the
Schuylkill river. Two miles of the lower section of the
stream  flows through Valley Forge National Park. The
stream ranges from fifteen to twenty feet in width and
the water temperature rarely exceeds seventy degrees
even during the hottest months of the year. Much of the
success of this stream is due to the local Trout Unlimited
Clubs hard work and efforts along with several other
organizations. Protecting the stream in such a large
metro area hasn't been easy. Ironically, the only reason
it's a no kill fishery is due to the PCB level.

The section of Valley Creek inside the park is accessible
from State Route #252 that follows along the stream.
There are ample parking areas along the road. The
uppermost part of the stream can be accessed by hiking
upstream from State Route #76. There's lots of privately
owned property along the stream in the upper area but
there's some public access. Little Valley Creek is a small
tributary which also has wild brown trout.

The stream consist of beautiful pools with some runs,
and a few riffles. There are a few areas with pocket
water and some boulders. There are also plenty of
undercut banks and a few logs in the water that provide
hiding places for the brown trout.  

The high pH of the spring creek water in Valley Creek
provides a perfect habitat for aquatic insects and
crustaceans. There's plenty of food available for the
trout. Having flies that match the nymphs, larvae and
hatching insects is a big plus. The brown trout can be
very selective at times.

There are plenty of scuds, which are a mainstay of the
trout's diet, midges and sculpin. Mayflies are mostly
Blue-winged Olives, Sulphurs, and Tricos. There are
lots of caddis including Little black caddis, Green
Sedge, Cinnamon Sedges and ohers.

Terrestrials insects play an important role in the trout's
diet during the summer months. You should have good
imitations of grass hoppers, ants and beetles.

The season follows the standard Pennsylvania trout
Springtime is a good time for fly fishing Valley Creek due
to its plentiful aquatic insect hatches.
Fly fishing usually slows down some during the Summer
but the water stays fairly cool in some areas even during
the hot Summer.
Fall is the best time to catch a larger holdover or wild
brown trout because of the spawn.
The stream provides very good fishing during the winter
months due to the warmer spring creek water.

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Type of Stream
Spring Creek

Brown Trout (Wild)

Medium, 12 miles long

Southeastern Pennsylvania

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First Saturday of April through

Good in most areas

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State of Pennsylvania

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Valley Creek Pennsylvania
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