Vermillion River Brown Trout
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Fly Fishing The Vermillion River
The Vermillion River is a sixty-mile long river that
meanders through part of Minnesota and terminates in,
the Mississippi River south of Hastings. Over thirteen
miles of it is designated as a trout stream. Fly fishing the
Vermillion River for its large brown trout is a challenge.

The section of the Vermillion River that supports trout is
near the towns of Farmington and Empire. Downstream,
near the town of Vermillion, the water becomes too warm
to support trout.

The river begins as a small spring in the farming country
of Minnesota. Like many rural streams in this section of
the country, the Vermillion River was abused for many
years, mostly because people just didn't understand the
streams true value. Recently, the Minnesota DRN and
the Twin Cities Trout Unlimited Chapter have added
many improvements to the stream habitat. The
Vermillion River now supports a population of
stream-born brown trout. There's also some brook trout.

Much of the stream's length flows through private
property but there's a good bit of public access. The
designated trout stream section of the river in
Farmington starts just above Cedar Avenue and ends
downstream of the Highway 52 bridge. Additional access
is available at the Miles A.M.A. on County Road #66,
east of State Highway #3.

All of the designated trout stream portions of the River
and its tributaries are designated as trout "catch and
release" waters with the exception of a portion of the
stream that lies within a city park in Farmington.

There is a general season and catch and release
seasons in certain areas.
Springtime is usually very good provided the water
levels are not extremely high. Hatches start in late
In many parts of the river, the fishing can be good all
summer long.
The Fall months are considered by many to be the best
months of the year to fish because the brown trout
spawn in the Fall.
Fishing can be quite good on nice, warm days during
the winter months.

Fly Fishing Gear, Tackle and Flies
Type of Stream

Brown Trout
Brook Trout
(Wild and Stocked Trout)


Southeast Minnesota

Nearest Towns

April 18 through Sept. 14, general
season and year-round in the
designated trout area

Special Regulations
Catch and release section


Non-Resident License
State of Minnesota

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Vermillion River Minnesota
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