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Fly Fishing Guide to the White River Colorado
The two pictures of the White River above shows a smaller, middle upper area and
the larger, lower section of the river near Meeker. It seems like the fish range in size in
direct proportion to the size of the stream. I don't know if it's the lack of fishing
pressure, a prime source of food for the trout, or maybe both of the above, but the
trout seem to grow larger than they do in the normal Colorado freestone stream. The
White River is one of the best streams in the state of Colorado, yet it receives less
fishing pressure than most any of its size.

One reason for the lack of pressure is the lack of anglers. The stream lies in a very
remote area of Colorado. There's more elk there than anglers. Although much of the
stream flows through private property, there's still plenty of public access water for the
number of anglers that fish this river. You rarely see another angler except during the
prime season. We have fished the stream's public access areas during the month of
April for a long a three straight days without seeing another anglers.

The headwater of the stream have plenty of access. The North Fork flows mostly
through USFS property. The South Fork flows mostly through private property but
there is some access in the park that's inside the Flats Top Wilderness.

There are also some areas located on private property that allow you to fish for a fee
and some that you can obtain permission to fish just by asking. Quite frankly, there's
no shortage of water because of the lack of pressure and miles of public access. The
headwaters have plenty of cutthroats, rainbows and brook trout. You can usually
catch large numbers of these fish but they do average smaller than the trout in the
lower sections of the river.  
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White River Colorado