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Hatches and Trout Flies for the White River in Arkansas
There are a few aquatic insect hatches on the White River. Midges hatch year-round and in
terms of numbers, are far more plentiful than any other insect. You should make certain you
have imitations of their larvae, pupae and the adults. Midge fishing isn't all that locally
popular at the time but it is certainly one of the most effective ways of catching trout on the
White River, including the large brown trout. The light line methods haven't caught on as
fast on the White as some other places in the country.

Scuds and sowbugs are two of the most important food sources found on the White River.
They are fairly plentiful and quite effective when imitated properly. By the way, we think our
"Perfect Fly" imitations of the scud and sowbugs are the best you can purchase. They have
proven to be effective on this river. The other crustacean that is plentiful is the crawfish, or
crayfish, whichever name you prefer. The smaller ones are eaten by all of the trout and
even the larger ones are eaten by the big browns.

Threadfin Shad are also eaten by the larger trout and are important during the spring
months of February and March. During the hot summer, there is a shad kill on the Bull
Shoales Lake that allows some to get through the turbines and into the river. Sculpin are
also present everywhere and imitations of them are usually very effective.

Little Brown Stoneflies hatch in February and March. Imitations of their nymphs can be
effective during this time. Giant Black Stoneflies hatch in certain areas of the river in March.

Hatches of March Brown and Sulphur mayflies take place in April and May. These are
isolated to certain areas of the river. The March Browns in the riffles and the Sulphurs are
found on the sections with moderate flows. There are a few Light Cahill hatches that take
place on the riffles the last part of May and during the month of June.

Blue-winged Olive hatches occur in January and February and again in November and
December. There is even a White Fly (
Ephoron) hatch that occurs in the slower sections of
the river in August and September.

The largest caddisfly hatches thats place in March through May. These are mostly species
of the Spotted Sedges. There are also some Cinnamon Sedges that hatch during the same
time frame. There are other species of caddisflies in the river but none that hatch in large

The cranefly is another insect that is plentiful on the White River. Imitations of their larvae
and the adult caneflies will take their share of trout. They are around all the time except
during the cold weather.  

Imitations of terrestrial insects, ants, hoppers and beetles, can be effective during the
summer from June through September.

We recommend our "Perfect Flies" because they have been proven effective here and they
are the most realistic and effective trout flies you can purchase. Some of them cost a little
more but they are worth every cent of it. Please give them a try.
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