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Fly Fishing Guide for the Willowemoc Creek New York

The upper section of the Willowemoc, from Fir Village down to the little village of Willolwemoc,
is a small brook trout stream. It has several small tributaries that also hold brook trout. They
are very plentiful and fun to catch but the stream probably only averages about ten to fifteen
feet wide. It is very clear and is feed by several small springs that help keep it cool.

What is normally called the middle section, flows from Willowemoc down to Livingston Manor.
There is a great deal of public water in this section along with private water. You have to pay
attention to where you are fishing. There is also a "no kill" section. The fish here are a
mixture of brown and brook trout. This part of the stream ranges from twenty to fifty foot wide
and has some faster areas of water. It has several small tributaries. It is the pool, run, riffle
type of water with rocks and small boulders but not what you would call fast, pocket water by
any means.

The lower section from Livingston Manor to the Beaver Kill at Roscoe, is larger water, and as
I said above, more like a river. It has a lot of large pools with riffles and runs between them
and gets up to eighty feet wide in places. It has a no-kill section about two and one-half miles
long. Most anglers consider this section the best.
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