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Hatches and Flies for Willowemoc Creek in New York

Willowemoc Creek has just about all of the Catskill hatches of mayflies, caddisflies and
stoneflies. Blue-winged Olive hatch from mid March to the end of May and then again from
about the first of July to the month of November. Blue Quills and Quill Gordons also start the
middle of April. The Blue Quills and last for about a month and a half and the Quill Gordons
less than a month. From just past the middle of April to about the middle of May, the
Hendricksons and the Red Quills make their appearance. Gray Drakes hatch for about three
weeks starting near the end of April. March Browns and Eastern Pale Evening Duns, both
clinger mayflies hatch about the middle of May and last at least a month. Sulphurs appear
about the middle of May and last through June. Slate Drakes hatch off and on from the first of
June until October. There are also some Light Cahill hatches that occur from June into
October. Tricos show up in the slower parts of the creek in August.

The Little Brown Stoneflies hatch from the first of April until around the middle of May. The
caddisfly hatches are not quite as plentiful as the mayflies. Little Black Caddisflies start
hatching near the first of April and three weeks to a month. From May until the first of July,
you will probably see some Green Sedges. Various species of Cinnamon Caddis and Spotted
Sedges hatch from around the middle of May until mid July. Their Little Sisters hatch about
the last of May for a couple of weeks. The Dark Blue Sedge hatch from mid May to mid June.

Hoppers, ants and beetles become important about the first of October. You should have
some streamers that imitate the minnows and sculpin. They come in handy when the water
becomes stained and when you are fishing for big browns in low light situations. Don't forget
the midges. You can catch trout throughout the year on them but they are especially
important during the cold months of the year.  
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