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Fly Fishing Wind River Washington
The Wind River originates in the Cascade Mountain  
Range south of Mount Adams and Mount St. Helens. It
flows through the Gifford Pinchot National Forest and
joins the Columbia River near Carson, Washington, in
the Columbia River Gorge.

You may have heard of the many problems with the
population of steelhead in the Wind River. It has been
very much up and down. Different programs have been
tried during the past years. At one point in time, the
Wind was closed to angling and the steelhead were
listed as threatened under the federal Endangered
Species Act. The area that is open to fishing and the
length of the fishing season depends on the yearly run
of spring Chinook Salmon. Summer run steelhead fishing
also takes place.

It is wise to contact the Washington Department of Fish
and Wildlife Sport Fishing Rules for current information
before planning a trip.

The Wind River is one of the most popular spring
Chinook sport fisheries in the state of Washington. It's
common to have as many as 200 boats a day between
the state Highway #14 bridge and the white buoy line
that's the boundary between Wind River and the
Columbia River.

The Wind River is the first cold water tributary on the
Washington side above the Bonneville Dam, and as
such it attracts a lot of summer run steelhead. Boat
anglers get the most fish. There are wide sandbars that
crowd the narrow channel and concentrates the fish.

Access to the Wind River is plentiful because the Wind
River Highway parallels most of the river.

Varies by species
The last most current season opened March 16. The
height of the Chinook Salmon season is in May.
Summer run steelhead - see current regulations and

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Type of Stream

Steelhead (summer run)
Chinook Salmon


South Central Washington

Nearest Towns

Make sure you see the current
regulations as they change frequently


Non-Resident License
State of Washington

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