Wolf River
James Marsh fishing Wolf River Wisconsin
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Fly Fishing The Wolf River Wisconsin
The Wolf River is a very beautiful stream and a good
trout fishery for over sixty miles of its length. The
uppermost thirty-four miles are available for the general
public, but the lower millage is reserved for the
Menominee Indians. Most of the upper mileage has
public access. The river is over ninety percent forested.
Northern hardwood trees, spruce and fir line most of the

The fishable section of the river begins below the
Hunting River, a small tributary stream. Upstream of
there, the river is considered a warm water fishery.

The Wolf is Wisconsin's largest trout stream. Some of
the stream's tributaries, including the Hunting River, hold
populations of brook trout. Most of the trout in the main
river are browns along with some rainbows. The deep
pockets and large number of rocks and boulders in the
stream provide an excellent habitat for brown trout. The
large trout are mostly holdovers from previous years
and can become quite difficult to catch. There are also
some wild trout, especially in the lower section below
Lilly. Many feeder streams also have natural
reproduction, especially the spring fed Hunting River.

The portion of the river from Pearson to Lilly is mostly
slow flowing water with a soft bottom. Below there the
river consist mostly of fast moving pocket water with
riffles, pools and runs. There are sections of rapids.
Rafters enjoy the river but cannot launch before 8:00
A.M., and must be off the water by 7:00 P.M.

Hatches on the Wolf River can be prolific. It has a large
variety and population of aquatic insects as you will see
in our hatch section. Some insects are unique to the

There is a general season and a special catch and
release season.
Springtime can be tough fishing until the water levels
recede. You may have to fish from a rubber raft.
Early summer is usually the prime time to fish the river.
Late summer can bring about marginal water
temperatures especially in low water years.
Fall can be great and the time the browns spawn.
It is possible to catch trout on the better days.

Fly Fishing Guide to the Wolf River
The strategies and techniques used for fly fishing the
Wolf River depends on the water levels, season and
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Type of Stream

Brown Trout
Rainbow Trout
Brook Trout
(Stocked with Hold Overs - Some
natural reproduction. Estimated 70%
stocked and 30% wild trout)

Medium - large

Northeaster Wisconsin

Nearest Towns
Green Bay
White Lake

General season starts first Sat. of
May to Sept. 30th.

Special Regulations
Special Catch and Release opening
and closing dates. There is a special
6 mile long catch and release section
all season know as the Oxybow. Be
sure and check with current
regulations subject to change.


Non-Resident License
State of Wisconsin

National Weather Service Link

Fly Fishing Guide

Hatches and Flies

Fly Fishing Gear

Stream Flow Data:
Real Time USGS Data (Langlade)
Wolf River, Wisconsin
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Wolf River Fishing Report
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Wolf River Fishing Report:
04/29/14 Reports will start soon. Season opens this
coming Saturday. Let us hear from you. We suggest
you get started with Blue-winged Olives and Sculpin
Options For Selecting Flies:
1. Email us (sales@perfectflystore.com)
with the dates you will be fishing this
stream and we will send you a list of our
fly suggestions. Please allow up to 24
hours for a response.

2. Call us 800-594-4726 and we will help
you decide which flies you need.

3. Email us (sales@perfectflystore.com)
with a budget for flies and we will select
them to match the budget and get them to
you in time for your fly fishing trip.

All orders are shipped free in the
U. S. Orders over $50 are shipped via
Priority Mail.  
05/06/14 Currently the stream is flowing
high. No reports from anyone fishing but
two customers have ordered flies getting
05/13/14 Stream level is at 9.53 feet and
1030 cfs or high. There is rain in the
forecast for today and rain/snow
Thursday and Friday.
05/20/14 Stream levels have come down
some but still a little high. Much better
weather is forecast for the coming week.
05/27/14 Stream levels are still high but
should begin falling soon. Water will be
getting warmer and hatches will be starting
very soon.
06/03/14 Stream levels fell some and then
recently rose again. The water is warming
us some and will be in great shape when the
stream levels subside. Keep a close check
on them.
06/10/14 Stream levels are still high and not
fishable at this point. The water is dropping
and should get in shape soon. Keep a close
check on the levels.
06/17/14 Stream levels are in great shape
and trout are being caught. Several
hatches are underway. Two customers
sending in good reports.
06/25/14 Good stream levels and good
fishing taking place. Several hatches have
started. Two more good reports from this
past week.
07/08/14 Two customers reporting good
fishing this past week. Water levels have
been a problem at times but it is currently in
good shape. Some hatches are taking
place. Light cahills, green sedges, little
yellow stoneflies.
07/22/14 Trout are being caught in good
numbers from the headwaters to the
reservation. Plenty of hatches are taking
place including Little Yellow Stoneflies.
07/29/14 Two customers ordering more flies
reported there are lots of caddis, sulphurs
and Yellow Sallies hatching. Both are
catching several trout a day.
08/12/14 Water levels have been very low
and fishing fairly tough but it has risen some
during the past couple of days to near
normal levels. Hatches have slowed down
some but terrestrials are working good.
09/02/14 The river has been running high
the last few days but fishing should be
good when it first drops and that shouldn't
be very long.
09/16/14 Lower water temperatures have
really turned the trout on. Customers are
reporting catching good numbers on our
terrestrials and streamers.
09/23/14 Stream levels have been high but
falling back down. Conditions should get
much better within the next couple of day.
10/07/14 Anglers catching some nice brown
trout. Stream levels are up and browns in
the pre-spawn mode and aggressive.
10/14/14 The stream levels are a little high
and will be rising a lot more. Conditions
should be much better later in the week.
10/21/14 Stream levels are still high but
should be falling all week. No reports from
last week.
10/28/14 Keep in mind the general trout
season closed 9/20 and only the catch and
release section is open. High water levels
and no fishing reports this past week.
11/11/14 High water levels continue and
much colder weather is in the forecast for
this week.
01/26/15 Season is closed.
04/27/15 Send us an email at
sales@perfectflystore.com and let us help
you plan your next trip.
05/04/15 The season is open and the water
getting into excellent shape. Quill
Gordons/Blue Quills, Little Brown stones
and other hatches should begin very soon.
05//19/16 Lots of hatches underway, Quill
Gordons, Blue Quills, BWOs, Little Black
Caddis and others.
05/25/15 Good stream levels, good every
thing. Lots of hatches. Two good reports
from customers.
06/08/15 High water levels preventing
fishing. Wait for it to fall out.
96/15/15 The stream is fishable, but still on
the high side. Be careful wading. It will
continue to fall.
06/29/15 Stream levels are back down in
good shape with plenty hatches taking
place. Excellent conditions.
07/05/15 More good reports. Lots of hatches
including Light Cahills, Sulphurs, Cinnamon
Caddis and more.
07/13/15 Excellent stream levels and weather.
Lots of trout being caught. Lots of hatches.
07/20/15 Two more good reports from
customers. Lots of insects hatching.
08/03/15 Good stream levels, hatches
taking place, terrestrials working and trout
being caught.
08/10/15 Great conditions but no reports from
the past week from anglers fishing.
08/17/15 Two good reports of trout being
caught. Great conditions continue with Tricos,
Mahogany duns and terrestrials working.
08/31/15 It is warming back up but the water
is cooler and cool enough for BWOs to start
hatching again. Stream levels are fine.
09/07/15 Two good reports from customers
this past week. The stream levels are rising
and more rain coming, so watch the levels.
09/21/15 stream levels are perfect and the
weather much cooler and fall like. Great
conditions. It doesn't get any better than this.
09/28/15 This is the last week of the regular
trout season but don't forget about the special
catch and release section that will be open.
10/12/15 One local customer reported
catching about twenty rainbows and browns
one day this past week. Remember, catch and
release only.
10/26/15 Great Autumn Brown sedges and
Blue-winged olives are hatching good. Brown
trout are taking our Brown sculpin fly good.
11/09/15 Catch and Release section is
producing some nice trout. Blue-winged olive
and midges are hatching. Stream levels have
been high for a few days but back down near
11/30/15 The water levels have been high but
falling now. Keep a check on them with the link
on your upper left. Normal is the line of hollow
triangles on the graph. The water is in the high
forties, and midges are the flies you should be
using. Fish the larva and pupa in tandem.
01/25/16 We don't really have any "catch"
reports. There is a lot of slush ice in the water
and in our opinion, not worth fishing at this
02/29/16 High temperatures are still in the
teens and lows in the single digits. The river
has a lot of slush ice and is frozen wherever it
is still.
03/14/16 The stream level is down but there
is rain forecast almost every day for the next
week. The water is in the high thirties and
gradually warming up.
03/28/16 Stream levels are up too high to
safely wade and more rain is in the forecast.
04/11/16 The stream levels are okay. The water
is cold, about 40-42 degrees. Midges and little
BWOs are the insects you should imitate.
04/23/16 The regular trout season opens the
first Saturday of May, or May 2nd. That is just
over a week. Send us an email and let us help
you get started off right.
05/09/16 The season got off slow due to water
levels but in great shape now with several
hatches taking place. Email us for a list.
05/16/16 Stream levels are down in good shape
and the water clear. Little black caddis, Quill
Gordons, Blue Quills, and little Brown stoneflies
are hatching.
05/30/16 Stream levels are just a little above
normal, so be careful wading. There are a lot of
hatching insects, Amer. March Browns, Light
Cahills, Green sedges, and others.
06/06/16 Stream levels are high right now but
should be falling out fast. There is little to no
chance of rain this coming week.
06/20/16 The stream levels are still up a little
high making it tough to wade in places. Lots of
insects are hatching. The Brown sculpin
steamers, March Browns, Light cahills,
Cinnamon Sedge or caddis, are catching trout.
07/04/16 The stream levels are in good shape
and our customers are reporting some good
numbers of trout caught. There are many
insects hatching. Send us an email for a list.
07/18/16 Hatches are going good. Stream
levels have been a little high the past few days
but back down in good shape.
08/01/16 Stream levels are currently high but
falling fast. Fish the uppermost section of the
river. It is smaller and easier to fish with high
levels. There are still lots of hatches taking place.
08/15/16 Stream levels are high again but
falling. Fish the uppermost sections of the river.
Tricos, little BWOs, lots of Cinnamon caddis.
Terrestrials are working good as well.
08/22/16 Stream levels are very high. Watch
them and fish when they fall out to about 300 cfs.
08/29/16 High water levels makes in difficult
and unsafe to wade most places. Lots of
caddis, Tricos and little BWOs are hatching.
09/12/16 The river is back high again making
wading impossible. You have to fish from the
banks. There is rain forecast through tomorrow
and again this coming weekend.
09/26/16 Only four more days remaining and
conditions are good with plenty of trout being
12/04/16 The C & R section has been
producing some good trout each time the
stream levels are down. Fish Cream and Red
midges with the larva and pupa in tandem.
01/02/17 Two good weather days are ahead
but the water is about 33 degrees, with lots of
slush ice. Shoot us an email and let us help you
plan the next trip.
01/15/17 Still no reports from anyone fishing.
The weather is unseasonably warm and the
water clear of ice in the C and R section..
01/30/17 We had reports of some anglers
catching trout about a week ago during the
warmer weather period, but is back cold again.
Midges, creams and reds, and Winter stoneflies.
92/20/17 The stream level is a little high and
the water about 37 degrees. The weather is
much warmer but there is still lots of ice.
03/13/17 It was a little warm for a while but back
very cold with lots of ice. It won't be very long
now until the bugs start popping off the water.
04/24/17 The regular season starts in less
than a week. The stream levels are a little high
right now, but the water warm and some
hatches are starting to take place.
05/01/17 The regular season is open. The
stream levels are high, to high to wade. It can
be fished from the banks.
05/15/17 The stream levels are just a little
above normal and wading possible with caution.
Lots of BWOs and Quill Gordons, Blue Quills,
little Brown stoneflies and little Black Caddis.
05/22/17 Stream levels are in good shape
and our customers are catching good
numbers of trout. Conditions are good.
06/06/17 The stream levels are still a little high
but dropping. You should be able to wade
soon. There are lots of insects hatching.
06/26/17 Stream levels are high and flowing at
1020 cfs, or too high to wade. There are lots
of insects hatching. Watch the levels and fish
as soon as they drop down.
07/10/17 Stream levels just a little above
normal and the water clear. Lots of hatches -
Light cahills, Sulphurs, slate drakes, little yellow
stones, cinnamon caddis, green sedges,
07/17/17 Two good reports from customers this
past week. Stream levels still a little high but
falling and should be down in good shape soon.
07/24/17 The stream levels were back up
again but falling out fast and should be good
within a day or two.
07/31/17 Stream levels are down to just a little
above normal. Most sections can be waded
with caution.
08/14/17 The stream levels are still just a
little high but some areas can be wadeed.
We received three good reports from
customers. Lots of hatches are taking place.
08/21/17 The stream levels are still a little high
but can be waded in some areas with caution.
There are some nice hatches going on - slate
drakes, cinn. caddis, tricos and more.
09/04/17 we had two good reports from
customers this past week. The stream is a little
high, but okay to wade in places with caution.
Brown sculpin streamers are working good.
Email or call us for a fly list.
09/11/17 Stream levels are down to just a
little above normal and lots of trout being
caught by our customers.
09/18/17 The river is flowing just a little above
normal and in good shape. Wading should be
easy and safe in most places but use caution.
Trout are being caught in good numbers.
10/02/17 The river is back down to just a little
above normal. We received two good reports
from the past week. Mahogany duns, Great
Autumn Brown sedges and lots of
Blue-winged olives are hatching.
10/16/17 Remember, the regular season has
ended. The special catch and release section
is open.
10/31/17 The C & R season is open. Some
insects are still hatching. Sculpin streamers
are working good. Send an email for a fly list.
02/13/18 Catch and release is open. The
river has been very cold with lots of slush ice.
Midges, creams and reds, and winter
stoneflies are hatching.
02/27/18 There's still lots of slush ice in the
water. It is possible to catch trout on
midges, but not easy to do.
03/20/18 The stream is a little low and clear.
Midges and Winter stoneflies are hatching
good. The water ranges from 33 to 36 degrees.
04/03/18 The stream still has a lot of slush ice
and bank ice. Midges are the only hatches.
Fish the larva and pupa rigged in tandem.
04/19/18 The stream levels are in good shape
and the water getting a little warmer. The
season opens very soon.
05/03/18 The season opens this Saturday.
The stream levels are too high to wade,
otherwise, conditions are good.
05/24/18 There are some good hatches
underway, Quill Gordons, Blue Quills, BWOs,
Little Black Caddis and others
06/07/18 The stream levels are down to
normal and wading safe and easy, with
caution. There are multiple hatches taking
place and lots of trout being caught.