Little River rainbow trout
James Marsh fly fishing Little River
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Fly Fishing Guide to the West Prong of Little Pigeon River GSMNP
Fishing the stream is its lower section in the Sugarland area of the park is as easy as it gets
fishing the West Prong of Little Pigeon River. The stream is moderately declined with a
series of riffles, runs and pools. The stream is fairly wide and easy to wade and or progress
along its banks in most areas. There are a few pools and runs and a lot of long riffles.

When the highway starts up the mountain from the Sugarland area, the river is separated by
a few hundred yards from the highway. It follows a valley up a fairly steep decline until it
crosses under the bridge at the Chimney's Picnic Area a few miles upstream. The stream
can be accessed via several quite walk areas that are marked along the highway that lead
down to the river and some trails that are not marked. Access is easy again from the bridge
upstream though the picnic area. The stream is tough to wade and tough to fish from the
banks in many areas along its route up the mountain. There are huge boulders and deep
pools with short plunges common.

At the upper upper end of the picnic area, the stream becomes difficult to follow along its
banks or in the water. There are even more huge boulders and deep pools of water that
block your progress. Moving upstream is possible, but it's slow and tough going.

The stream can be accessed from the highway as it continues on up the mountain from the
Chimney's Picnic area but in most areas, the decline from the road down to the stream is
very steep and rugged. Getting down from the highway to the river in some areas could be
dangerous. For one to fish the river from the picnic area up to the chimney top trial, it a
tough and difficult task. Some choose to access it at various points along the highway to fish
certain sections of the river but it is difficult going anywhere it can be accessed. The West
Prong of the Little Pigeon begins at the Chimney Top Trail where Road Prong and Walkers
Camp Prong merge to form it.

Walkers Camp Prong runs along the highway for most of all of its journey up the mountain.
In many areas it borders the highway. It is rarely father than a few hundred feet from the it.
Some areas are easy to access and some are fairly difficult. There are many areas this little
stream can be accessed from parking areas along the road. It has about fifty-fifty brook trout
and rainbow trout. The stream hold lots of trout all the way to where it becomes very small
and departs the highway a few miles below Newfoundland Gap. Alum Cave Creek joins the
Walkers Camp Prong of the Little Pigeon River about half way up its route along the highway
at the Alum Cave Trail. It contains a few small rainbow trout and brook trout.

Road Prong also starts at the Chimney Top Trail bridge where it joins the Walkers Camp
Prong. Fishing upstream from that point in the streambed is possible on lower stream flows
but difficult. You can access the Road Prong from the Road Prong Trail which leads off the
Chimney Top Trail and follows Road Prong for over three miles. When the trail first starts,
the stream is not very accessible from it. Access is better upstream. Road Prong is one of
the better brook trout streams in the park.
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