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Fly Fishing The Wynoochee River
The Wynoochee River is  located in the Olympic
Peninsula of Washington. The sixty mile, long river is a  
tributary of the Chehalis River. The rivers headwaters
are in the Olympic Mountains within the Olympic National
Park. Wynoochee is pronounced WHY-noo-CHEE. It is a
top notch Olympic Peninsula river for both summer and
winter Steehead fishing.

Steelhead can be found in the Wynoochee River from
June through March. Winter steelhead fishing starts in
December. There is an A and a B run of hatchery
steelhead that last into March. June offers the best
opportunities for the summer run steelhead.

You can access the Wynoochee River at Twin Bridges
which is downstream of Highway #12; Black Creek on
Wynoochee Valley Road, and at the bridge off of
Wyn-Wishkah Road near the fire station. There are
several other locations for bank fishing. There are
several boat ramps on Wynoochee Road as well as
other locations..

Salmon is not the prime reason anglers chose the
Wynoochee but the river does produce some nice size
Chinook Salmon. October is the prime month. The fall-
run Chinook head upstream to spawn in Carter, Schafer
Helms, Big, Anderson and Helm Creeks. November is the
peak of the Coho Salmon. Most fish are taken by the
hardware anglers.

Late July begin the run of cutthroat from the sea but it
continues on into the middle of autumn. The peak of the
sea-run cutt season is September and October.

Varies by species
Winter steehead fishing continues into early March
Summer run steelhead enter the river in June, Sea-run
cutts as early as July
Fall is the prime season for Chinook Salmon, Coho
Salmon, Chum salmon, and Sea-run cutthroat
Winter-run Steelhead starts in December and runs into

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