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Fly Fishing Guide for the Yellow Breeches Creek Pennsylvania
Because the Yellow Breeches is a combination freestone stream and spring creek mixture,
its trout can be difficult to figure out at times. In hot or cold weather, you also have to pay
close attention to which parts of the stream gets a dose of spring water. That can be the
secret to success at times.

The newly stocked fish are much easier to catch, of course, but after a short time the fish
can get wise to constant pressure in some areas. Many anglers think you are better off
fishing some of the less fished areas of the creek. There is about thirty miles of water that is
stocked and parts of it are not fished much. The next few miles below the Allenberry location
may be a good choice.

There is a catch and release area from near the mouth of Boiling Springs to near
Allenberry. It runs a distance of a mile and is cooled by the water from Boiling Springs Run.  
It can be crowded at times. You can get to most of the upper section of the Yellow Breeches
along State highway #174. Creek Road follows much of the lower section of the creek.

One of the most popular places to fish is the "Run". Thats the name given for a small stream
that runs about three-hundred yards from a lake at Boiling Springs to the Yellow Breeches.
This little stream is heavily stocked with trout and for that reason, it is usually crowded.
There are park benches along the run making it a pleasant place for older gentlemen to fish.

The catch and release section is very nice water with a diverse makeup. It has pools of all
depths, with riffles in between. The water is very fertile and the stream has a huge
population of aquatic insects as you will see in our hatch section. Trout feed on the surface
much of the season.
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Yellow Breeches Creek
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