Youghiogheny Maryland Brown Trout
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Fly Fishing the Youghiogheny River In
The Youghiogheny River, called the Yough for short, is
a 134 mile-long tributary of the Monongahela River. It
flows through parts of West Virginia, Maryland, and
Pennsylvania. The Yough starts on the west side of the
Allegheny Mountains in West Virginia near Kingwood,
and flows from there into the state of Maryland. From
Maryland, it flows into the Youghiogheny River Reservoir
on the Pennsylvania and Maryland state line.  We have
a separate section in our Stream Section on the
Youghiogheny River tailwater in Pennsylvania where
additional trout fishing opportunities exist. Fly fishing the
Youghiogheny River in Maryland can provide some
excellent catches of good size brown and rainbow trout.

The Youghiogheny River is the first river in Maryland to
receive the Wild River designation under the Scenic and
Wild River Act. The 21 mile long Wild River corridor is
managed by the Maryland Park Service.

In the state of Maryland, the river changes it  
appearance depending on where you are. Near
Oakland, the river flows back and forth through pastures
and farmland interspersed with woods.

The river narrows down and picks up speed as it flows
through a forest into the Swallow Falls State Park. At
Hoyes Run, the Yough slows down some and fits a more
typical pattern of pool, run and riffles.

Above Gap Falls, the river speeds up again creates a
long section of Class V Whitewater. Further
downstream, the river flows into Youghiogheny

It's the cold water the Youghiogheny River receives from
Deep Creek, a tributary stream tailwater below Deep
Creek Lake, that makes it possible for the Yough's large
number of brown and rainbow trout to not only survive
but to do very well. The hydroelectric station is location
only about eight miles from the Yough.  

From a fly fishing standpoint, the most important thing is
the Maryland Department of Natural Resources only
stocks fingerling rainbow and brown trout. They do not
stock any grown trout.

Another big plus for the stream is its excellent population
of aquatic insects. There are plenty of both mayflies and
caddisflies including the popular, large Eastern Green
Drake. In addition, there are plenty of sculpin and
baitfish for the trout to grow big on.

The majority of the river flows through private property.
Public access is available at Swallow Falls State Park, in
the Sang Run area off of Sang Run Road, from
Friendsville south along the Kendall Trail, and the Hoyes
Run area which is the fairly new "catch and release" fly
fishing section. Many of the Youghiogheny River's
access points require long hikes over rugged terrain.
The uppermost sections of the Yough and its tributaries
have good populations of wild brook trout. Fly fishing the
Yough is possible in several different locations in both
Maryland and Pennsylvania.

The fishing season is open year-round and due to the
constant temperature of the water, fly fishing the Savage
River tailwater is good the entire year.
This tailwater has numerous hatches of aquatic insects
and Springtime is a great time to fish.
The water stays cool throughout the tailwater even on
the hottest days of summer and provides good fishing.
The brown and brook trout spawn in the fall and the
fishing is excellent.
You can catch trout on midges throughout the winter
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