Lower Yuba River Rainbow Trout
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Fly Fishing Lower Yuba River California
The Lower Yuba River is the section of the river from
Englebright Dam downstream to the Daguerre diversion
dam. There's over eight miles of wild trout, steelhead,
and salmon fishing opportunities within this section of
water. It's one of California's best wild trout streams.
Although the summer in this part of the state gets very
warm, the Yuba Rivers tailwaters remain cold.

Like all tailwaters, the Lower Yuba River's water levels
should be checked before you fish the stream. The
water can rise fast and wading can be dangerous if you
fail to pay attention. The water levels and dam
discharges depend on the needs of the farmers and
flows can be strong during the heat of the summer. The
river has flats, riffles, deep runs and large pools
depending on the area you are fishing.

This river is very popular in the early season when the
Skwala Stoneflies are hatching and for the next couple of
months. The rainbow trout in this section of the Yuba
River grow large. Eighteen inch fish are regularly caught.
They are technically classified by the state as steelhead
but  they are not true steelhead.

During the Fall season, salmon spawn in the river. Trout
gorge themselves on the nymphs the salmon stir up
building their redds and later, on their eggs. Be sure you
don't walk through the redds and damage them. Stay
well away from them and get your fly down near or on
the bottom before it drifts through the redd.

At the beginning of Winter, steelhead take over the
spawning process. Skwala Stoneflies begin to be a big
factor in February and imitations of them work well.
March Browns hatch during March and continue the
action. In the late Spring and early Summer, Pale
Morning Duns, Blue-winged Olives and caddisflies -
Spotted sedges, Green Sedges, Short-horned Sedges
and other species begin to hatch.

Summertime is terrestrial insect time. Ants, beetles and
grasshopper are the ticket to success. Fall returns the
hatches of
Baetis or Blue-winged Olives and caddisfflies
hatch on through September and into early October.

The season runs year-round
Springtime is the best time to fish the Lower Yuba River.
Summertime is good due to the cold water releases.
Fall is a good time for fly fishing the spawning salmon
redds. Steelhead show up in November.
Winter is the best time to fish for the steelhead and can
also be good for rainbows.
Type of Stream

Rainbow Trout (Wild)


Northern California

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Yuba City



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Lower Yuba River California
Lower Yuba River Fly Fishing Report - Archive:
11/18/13 A few salmon are still being caught. We have
no reports of steelheads being caught or spotted.
12/08/13 Our local contact reporting he has caught a
few nice size rainbows but hasn't seen or heard of
anyone catching a steelhead. He is using our Brown
Sculpin streamer and BWO nymphs, size 20.
01/03/14 Flows are currently around 880 cfs. The river
is best fished from a drift boat. No recent reports of
steelhead being caught. Customer ordering our
Perfect Fly Skwala stoneflies reported he is catching
rainbows on our
Brown Sculpin Streamers. Skwalas
start hatching in February.
05/16/16 Updated Fishing Report
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12/24/14 Sorry for the lack of reports. We will pick them up again. Flows are running frm
750-800 cfs . A few anglers are reporting catching some fish.
01/25/15 It is getting very near the time Skwala stoneflies start hatching. Stream levels are
back in good shape and anglers are catching trout.
02/13/15 Two customers reported catching several trout this past week. They were using
the Brown Sculpin streamer.
03/05/15 Skwala stoneflies are hatching along with March Browns. Trout are being caught
and conditions are very good.
07/10/15 Give us a call or shoot us an email and let us help you plan your next trip to
the Lower Yuba.
Lower Yuba River Fly Fishing Report ::
04/30/16 Blue-winged olives, little Black Caddis, Midges
and Sculpin and the main foods you should be imitating.
05/16/16 The lower river is still fishing very good. Golden
Stoneflies, Pale Morning Duns, Pale Evening duns, Green
Sedges, Spotted Sedges and Little Sister Caddis are