Zug Bug Trout Fly:

The Zug Bug was originally designed and tied by Cliff Zug as a caddis fly
imitation. It works for that use but it's also a good attractor fly. Some call it
a searching fly. There's just something about it that attract trout and
entices them into striking it. It's probably one of the all time, top ten
nymphs for trout and is usually found in just about every fly shop in the

The Zug Bug Trout fly is an old fly pattern. It's thought to have been first
tied during the 1930's. Even so, it's just as effective now as it ever was.
Pre-spawn brown trout will try to crush a Zug Bug. It seems to have a
special knack for making fish angry.

The fly can be fished a number of ways. It can be fished on the bottom by
adding some weight to you tippet a few inches above the fly. It can be
fished in shallow water sight casting to trout without added weight. It can
even be fished using the traditional wet fly swing method.

The original Zug Bug fly pattern called for using peacock swords for the
tail. The body is also made from peacock hurl. Ribbing secures the hurl.
There's just something about peacock herl, the flash or something, that
attracts trout. This fact has been proven by its use in many other fly

The Zug Bug Trout Fly is a fly everyone should have in their fly box. It's a
proven fish catching fly that just won't go away. It's still the favorite of
many old time anglers and many new to the sport are learning old is
sometimes good. .
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Zug Bug Trout Fly
   Zug Bug
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