James Marsh fishing Firehole River
Angie Marsh fishing Firehole River
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Fly Fishing the Firehole River
The Firehole River is one of the strangest trout streams
in the World. It flows through some incredible thermal
features that rival any in Yellowstone National Park. The
river can actually appear to be on fire at times. It's one of
the most photographed rivers in the world.

The Firehole River contains all types of water from spring
creek like, smooth flowing slick water, to pools, runs and
riffles. The water in its canyon section below the falls is
completely different from the many miles of water above
the falls. Its headwaters above Old Faithful is also very
different from its section below the big geyser. It is strictly
small stream fishing and unlike the popular lower
sections, you usually have plenty of water to fish by

There are several tributary streams flowing into the
Firehole River. Sentinel Creek, Iron Spring Creek, Little
Firehole River, Nez Perce Creek and a few other smaller
streams also have populations of trout. During the
warmer part of the season, many of the trout leave the
main river and go into the cooler water of the tributaries.  

The fact it's so popular and easily accessed can make it
tough to fish at times. It seems the longer the season has
been open, the more difficult it becomes to fool the trout.
It is also a very strange river from a water temperature
standpoint. The influence of warm water at various
locations makes it difficult to judge the water temperature
at times. A thermometer can really come in handy on this
stream. The trout will move into certain areas of cool
water when the water begins to warm in late June.

It is a very fertile stream with not only a large diversity of
aquatic insects, some of them exist in very large
quantities. The trout can be very selective at times but
even so, It is one of the best dry fly streams in the nation.
Fly fishing the Firehole River can test the best anglers at

The Yellowstone fishing season is a relatively short one
to begin with. Because the Firehole River is affected by
the hot springs,  the prime time to fish it is even shorter
than most other streams in the park.
When the season first starts, it is usually the best stream
to fish.
Unless there's a huge snowpack and lots of water, you
will find most of the water in the river too warm for good
fishing during July and most of August.
September and October is usually an excellent time for
fly fishing the Firehole River.

Fly Fishing Guide to the Firehole River
In order to be able to consistently catch trout on the
Firehole River, you must be aware of a number of
variables. (
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Firehole River (YNP)
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Brook trout (wild)
Brown trout (wild)
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Yellowstone National Park

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West Yellowstone, Montana

Last of May through October


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