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Hatches and Trout Flies for the Lemhi River Idaho
There's few aquatic insect hatches that take place before late June, but there's a few. Little
Black Caddis hatch in late April and early May. There's also some winter stoneflies that
hatch in the March and April. Of course midges are always important during the cold
months of the year. There's hatches of Blue-winged Olives that take place in March and

In late June, you may find some small Blue-winged Olive species that hatch, but they are
small ones, not the larger
baetis species.  The runoff usually has a huge effect on the
stream levels during the month of June and it's usually the first week of July before
everything settles back down to normal. This strictly depends on the snowpack.

Pale Morning Duns are the most important mayflies during the Summer. They hatch mostly
during the first couple of weeks in July but the hatch will extend on into the early part of

Spotted Sedges start hatching in late June and will continue through the month of August.
They are the most plentiful species of caddisflies on the Lemhi River. Species of Green
Sedges hatch during July, August and September. The Green Rock Worm, or larva stage
of life of this caddisfly is a great fly to use anytime during the year.

There are a few Salmonflies in the fast water sections of the Lemhi River. The hatch
occurs the first part of July. There's hatches of Golden stoneflies that take place during the
month of July, mostly the early part of July but it depends on the location of the river.
There's also good hatches of Yellow Sallies (Little Yellow Stoneflies) that occur from the
middle of July to the middle of August.

September and October provide the best Blue-winged Olive hatches. These are normally
good hatches that provide some excellent dry fly action, even after inclement weather
begins. October Caddis also hatch in September and the first part of October.

From late July through the month of September, terrestrial insects play an important part in
the diet of the trout in the Lemhi River. Imitations of grasshoppers, ants and beetles
usually work great during this time. There's lots of grass and trees along the river that
provide an excellent habitat for these insects.

Don't forget to have a good selection of streamers. They work anytime there's low light
conditions or when the river is stained from rain. Sculpin are plentiful and imitations of them
work great at times.
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Lemhi River Idaho
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